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U21 World Championship team

Origins Leadership is dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse in new places, both locally and internationally.  In 2022, Origins Leadership is serving as the fiscal sponsor of the Uganda U21 Men's team. The Uganda Lacrosse Association (ULA) is planning to send its first-ever U21 team to the World Championships in Limerick, Ireland in August 2022. This tournament represents an excellent opportunity to build off the success of the Uganda men’s senior team that participated in the World Championships in 2014 in Colorado and 2018 in Israel.


The U21 World Championship will provide:

  • The experience of a lifetime for players

  • Expansion of lacrosse in Uganda

  • Preparation for future Uganda national teams


Here's how you can help

Player Sponsorship $2500


Create a personal connection to one of the U21 players by providing all of the expenses for a specific player to play on the U21 team including training, travel, equipment, accommodation, meals, and more. You'll get a photo, bio, and message from a specific player on the U21 Uganda team.


Click here to become a player sponsor

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Travel Expenses

Provide the cost for one player or coach to travel from Uganda to Ireland to represent their country at the U21 World Championships.

Click here to provide travel expenses to Ireland


Provide a stick

It's not easy to get a lacrosse stick to Uganda, but you can help make it happen.  It just may be the stick that scores the first goal for the U21 team in Ireland. 

Click here to provide a player with a stick


start your own fundraising campaign

Set a goal and enlist your family, friends, and community to support Uganda lacrosse. It's easy!

Click here to start your peer-to-peer campaign


U.S. lacrosse club & team sponsors

If you are a U.S. lacrosse club or team, you have the opportunity to dedicate your spring season to something bigger. Get your entire team or club behind the U21 Uganda lacrosse team by supporting the U21 team's trip to the World Championships in Ireland.  


Click here to donate on behalf of your club or team


Equipment Package

Lacrosse equipment is not available in Uganda,  so oftentimes players use heavily worn and outdated equipment. You can help provide players with a new set of quality equipment to compete in the World Championships.  

Click here to provide a set of equipment

Lacrosse Equipment

General SupporT
Any Amount

Every donation makes a difference! Choose the amount that works best for you. The U21 team is grateful for all support to help make dreams like this possible. 

Click here to donate the amount of your choice

  • What is the relationship between Origins Leadership and Uganda Lacrosse Association?
    Origins Leadership is serving as the fiscal sponsor for the Uganda Lacrosse Association's campaign to send the men's U21 team to the World Championships in Ireland. This means that tax-deductible donations can be made through Origins Leadership designated specifically for this purpose and Origins Leadership will provide financial oversight of all donated funds.
  • Is my donation tax-deductible?
    Yes! Origins Leadership is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Upon making your donation, you will received an email receipt with your donation information which can be used for tax purposes.
  • Can I come visit Uganda?
    Origins Leadershp is not leading any trips to Uganda at this time but may do so in the future for U.S. lacrosse players. Send a message if you'd like to be added to a list of interested players.
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