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Make your season about something bigger 

Help Uganda attend the U21 World Championships
limerick, ireland - august 2022

As a lacrosse community in the United States, we are so fortunate. Most players have access to pristine fields, the latest equipment, and all of the resources needed to travel and compete at the highest level that our skills can take us. This is not the reality for Uganda lacrosse players. And, that’s where you can help. For the Ugandan players, the U21 World Championships in Ireland represent the experience of a lifetime.

Your team or club can help make this happen! Give your players an opportunity to give back, to be mindful of the privileges that they have, and to help spread the sport that they love.

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how it works

There are several ways you can dedicate your spring season to supporting youth players in Uganda to travel to Ireland and compete in the U21 World Championships.

  1. Create a fundraising page by clicking here.

  2. Send an email to the members of your team or club with a link to your fundraising page and give them the opportunity to personally support Uganda Lacrosse.

  3.  Reach your goal!  Share it on social media. Send reminder emails. Mention it at practice.  Keep going until you reach your goal.

Alternatively, if you just want to make a one-time donation on behalf of your club, click donate below. Be sure to list your team/club name on the donation form under "business name" so we can be sure to recognize your team or club.

Teams and clubs that participate will receive the following:

  • A personalized video message from Ugandan players to share with your club

  • A U21 Uganda team photo

  • Updates from the U21 Uganda team and a World Championship tournament recap

If you'd like more information, please contact us! 

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