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player sponsorship

Make One player's Dream Come True

For $2500, you can provide all of the expenses needed for one player to participate in the U21 World Championships -- the experience of a lifetime, For the players, it will be their first time traveling outside of Africa, first time representing their nation, first time playing lacrosse an international competition. That's a lot of firsts! 

You'd be responsible for:

  • giving one player the opportunity to put on the Uganda uniform and represent their country for the first time.   

  • intensive training and coaching 

  • high-quality equipment 

  • opportunity for growth and leadership through the travel and exposure of international travel and competition


how it works

Make a donation of $2500 on the donation page by clicking below. You will receive the name, bio, and a personalized message from the player you will be supporting.  We'll also send periodic updates on the team during their training and the world championships.

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